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CINE-PSYCH: Mental Health on Film

The Cine-Psych film making team, created by Dr. Nadeem Akhtar (Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, McMaster University) was formed in 2017. The mission of the project was to train junior Psychiatrists to create engaging, cinematic short films that would reflect what we know of mental health problems, stimulate debate, discussion, and better understanding to reduce stigma.

CinePsych will be presenting their latest short films (as below) followed by a Question and Answer session with members of the team.

Pretty Good (2019)  Written by and starring Marc Legault  Runtime: 17 Minutes

Emily has a good job, a nice apartment, and a comfortable life. Despite this, she struggles with managing a ‘device’ which keeps harassing her with unhelpful comments. Fed up, she sets out on a journey to repair things once and for all.

Buddy (2019)  Written by and starring Alex Dufort  Runtime: 15 Minutes

Alex was always a bag of nerves. He just couldn’t help getting overwhelmed in social situations. But all of that changed when he met “Buddy”, a mysterious character who appeared to be the ultimate mentor…but at what cost?